Pine Tree

Planetary Correspondance: Mars, Pluto, Saturn


Power to Invoke: Merlin, Cernunnos, Pan, Poseidon, Rhea, Dionyses, Bacchus, Osiris, Asar


Countermagick herb, herb of protectection, herb of purification, herb of longevity


Their are many different types of wonderful, aromatic pine trees in different zones around the earth.  It's s a tree which has deep spiritual, protective significance and was greatly respected and used for magic and healing purposes by the Celts and pre Celtic tribes in ancient Europe.


Old British pine tree lore tells us that the great wild magician of the forest Merlin resides in the pine tree. The pine is also a tree associated with Cernunnos, the Celtic God of the woods. Pine is a rejuvenator, a healer, and great protective tree, and by using parts of the pine tree respectively we keep any unwanted spirits and otherworld beings from attaching themselves to our homes.


Some species of pine in Greece and Arabian lands can live for thousands of years. So in some places the pine tree was and still is a fine symbol of immortality.


While many trees drop their leaves and go through a death and rebirth in winter and spring, the invincible pine goes on and on living its evergreen way, and during the warm summer months the pine tree emits a fine fragrance into the surrounding air,  remember to breathe it deeply and feel the aroma taking out any negative thoughts and bringing into us the great protective pine tree energy.


Pine Tree Healing Practices

Pine tree tee, isn't one of well known healing tees, buts it's a very fine tee with powerful healing craft able to bring us great health and wellbeing as well as having a fine taste and aroma. 


The needles are packed full of vitamin C, even more concentration than lemons and brings relief to heart disease, bad skin condition, varicose veins and fatigue. By drinking the tee regularly we are backing up our immune systems and bringing into our lives a fine protection against illness and infections.


Their's also high amounts of vitamin A present in the needles, which is great for eyesight, hair and skin regeneration and red blood cell production.


The tee is also good a good healing tee for sore throats and can also be used as an expectorant for coughs and lung infections as well as being helpful for depression and brings good feelings and clearness in the mind.


So collect some pine tree needles and lightly boil them up in a pan for a few minutes let the tee cool and enjoy this wonderful aromatic tee.


Pine Nuts

The pine nuts which are harvested from the pine cones are packed full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, great for heart disease.

Including pine nuts in the diet provides us with essential iron and magnesium helping with oxygen transportation into the blood, thus helping  anxiety and depression.


Snacking on pine nuts and using them in our meals greatly reduces the risk of cancers, eyesight deterioration and as they are also rich in phosphorus they are great for a healthy digestive system and promote healthy bone and teeth development.


So throw them in the salads, mix them in the creamy pasta sauce or add them to the hummus and bring into being the wonderful pine tree healing power.


Peter Carvello,

April 2024.