Creating Sacred Space

In times gone by, some thousands of years ago, and also within spiritual paths today, cosmic design and earth energy places (sacred stones, caves, caverns, mountain summits, forest clearings, wells, rivers merging together and waterfalls) assigned the area for sacred purposes/spiritual activity. 


Creating Vital Sacred Space

Introducing sacred space's into our homes/gardens or work place attracts spirit, peace, balance and it's a rewarding, reconnecting art. Here are some suggestions and useful information to get started and create.


Setting up and activating ones own sacred space is necessary for us on our life path but some care is needed, watch out for complication and over elaborating, just a simple shrine or alter where spirit can easily pass through is all it takes. Whether it be a spare room, your bedroom, the forgotten corner of the garden the little unused cupboard, or the doorstep to the house, its easy to find many different places and corners to spiritually activate. Even in the city if we don't have a garden, a window ledge is a great place to acknowledge the nature spirits.


When a place has been designated, spend some time in that area, maybe make a short mediation, thus giving the place time to get used to us also. Bring home some earthly items if you find some on the path, a stone from the field or some acorns or chestnuts, look out for a small clay bowl at the flea market, fill it with water and put and decorate your designated place.


Our sacred space will benefit us even more if we use the it to honour the four elements, thus bringing in the structure of creation.


EARTH: bring in the stones, pebbles and fossils. Its also worth noting that a flint stone found on the sea shore, or the fossil found by the cliffs will be much more supportive to us than the new age shop crystals that are mined by the millions for profit. Some stones may also want to be taken back to the place they came from after some time. In my own experience after returning a stone or feather to the nature, something very positive happens on our life path afterwards. A herbal plant growing healthy on our shrine/alter is also very welcome.


WATER: the water reflects the changing sky on a window ledge and water refreshes and energises, both us and the world of spirit. river water in a bowl is always good.


FIRE: can be introduced with a candle or a fire bowl if it's outside. I believe its better to burn pure wax or beeswax candles they are better for us and for the environment, its also better to try to burn sage or other self collected herbs than the plastic wrapped eastern incense sticks, or the white sage bundles, flown over from America. Also collecting tree resins from pine, fir, cedar and spruce trees and burning the resins carefully in a bowl delivers great healing and cleaning when smudging a room or oneself.


AIR: can be respected in different ways such as wind chimes, feathers/shells on strings and ribbons can also be brought into the area.


How we care for our own sacred space can also show us how we think and feel about ourselves, if the area is dusty or collecting junk one may feel lacking energy or feeling tired. By looking after and tending the sacred space the good feeling sure enough returns to us fast. Cleaning and looking after the sacred space is in itself a nice re-connecting meditational work. Its a good idea to spiritually clean as well as physically clean the area at least one time a week. Use herbs such as sage, lavender or rosemary, ring a bell or hand clap in the room corners to free any stale energy. Maybe start to sing, talk or prayer to the directional spirits or our preferred guardians and give thanks.


The area can become a place where any life imbalances or fear can be discussed or contemplated over and solution found. In a short time with a little effort, communications and advice from Spirit can be received. Give full attention to the wind, to the sunlight to the birds singing, the sacred space is now activated.


Regarding birth and departing:

A birth shrine in the room of the birth is also very beneficial, don't leave it till the last minute, give a little time to get it ready before, it could include earth, water, candle or a nice happy picture and protective herbs. This will enable guardian spirits to pass through easily and gives us much more chance of a quick trouble free birth.


Sacred spaces are great for the elderly, helping our elders to find comfort and peace and connect to spirit as they prepare to leave their physical space. When we leave this life we disregard the body like a chick leaving the egg, but sometimes when we move on, the processes of death don't go the normal course and our soul can fail to totally release from the bonds of matter, thus lingering in an intermediate state. Having a sacred space close to those who are passing over gives a big advantage, and can help the journey no end, consciously and subconsciously. 


Children don't need to be encouraged to create their own sacred space, for them sacredness and creativity flow naturally. All children love to collect nuts, leaves or shells for a seasonal table or make a singing circle. Children should always be encouraged to keep this creative channel open. Unfortunately a great deal of todays education system has little room for spiritually creative paths although the last years has seen an increase towards creative activity in many schools.


Its never been so important to re-connect with the earth as it is now, creating and loving and feeling whole, giving back to the earth as much as we take. Setting up our own sacred space is an enjoyable way to say thank you to the earth and spirits for their help, and will give love and goodness back to us very much. The spirit world is very near to us and our little shrines make the place where these two worlds can positively come together and inter-connect.


Peter. C.

December 23