The Willow Tree

Tree of Enchantment

 The willow tree is sacred to Artemis, Diana, Hecate, Hermes, Hera and many other ancient European gods and goddesses.


It is a great tree of spiritual protection and is used by many Shamans and Magicians to keep them safe during their journeying to the otherworld.


This magical tree of enchantment is also used for charging up crystals, giving the stones protective and healing powers.


The words `witch & wicked´ derive from the word willow. The word `wicker´ also derives from the word willow too. Over the years the phrases... willow baskets and willow work became wicker baskets and wicker work!.


The word `wicca´ which basically means,  `the survival of witchcraft in Europe´, also seems to derive from willow.  


The great herbalist Nic Culpepper said "The moon owns the willow" he was correct, the willow tree has always been known as a tree of dreaming and enchantment, and because of its love of water it has a very close connection to the moon.


Another variety of willow which is very popular this time of year is the pussy willow. It's Favoured by the Goddess Eostara and used by Druids for charms, protection and wands.



try the art of water divination

Use a Y shaped willow or hazel stick, these woods seem to work better because they are softer and more flexible than other woods.


With your arms extended away from your body, grip the forked ends of the branch, palms facing the sky, and steady the Y-stick at a 45degree angle.


Lightly squeeze the branches and begin walking slowly in the area where underground water could be.


When the stick senses water underground, the stick slightly moves and points downwards to an underground well.


Sometimes it works, other times  its questionable, depending on the depth of water and also the general under the earth table water which can interfere with the pick up energy. 


Interesting Information

  • A small piece of willow tree bark (4cm x 4cm) can be removed, boiled for 10 minutes, and then the hot water strained. the tea produced is an amazing healing tea, curing headaches, migraine, fever, insomnia and sore throat.  
  •  This wonderful tree is known as the tree of immortality because of its ability to grow from a fallen branch on moist ground.
  • A wand made from a willow branch, has very strong magical properties, try placing it carefully under your pillow before sleeping for very clear dreams.
  • A wand can also be used for protection for one entering and journeying to otherworld realms

Peter Carvello

March 2024