Conscious Communication

The words we use throughout the day hold great power. Power to fire up our confidence and ambition or power to make us feel anxious and inadequate, power to make a positive first impression or power to be quickly forgotten. Power to create wonderful life opportunities or power to shut them down.


Communicating in a positive conscious manner is an inherent ability we all have and we can practice it through the day and use it, one doesn't need to walk around chanting hare krishna, or a tibetan mantra, its enough to simply speak encouragingly to someone close by, or write, or type an email or sms to someone who is struggling alone.


In todays tech world, social media platforms such as facebook and youtube, are awash with negative news, don't dwell on it, best not to give it attention, be careful who you follow and try to post beneficial news, some positive words, a painting or photos with positive soulful depth.


What about gossip?

Gossip is nothing more than words out of control, we have all been on the a victim of this at some time or other and it can certainly have unhealthy consequences. Gossip changes opinion, it nurtures us to recategorise someone or something, its a smear campaign against someone which causes people to be dispossessed of their moral rights.


Gossip flourishes over time, it helps the perpetrator feel superior to consider someone else's misfortune. Its damaging and it always comes back round some time or other!. Gossip is a means to diminish someone and enhances the ego the ego, stay well clear of it, a simple strategy to cut gossip that usually works is this;  if anyone comes along talking about anyone else in a negative manner, tell them to go and tell the person to their face! Taking away someones goodness and reducing them to something you didn't like about them is basically what happens, hoof it out.



The quicker we own up to our mistakes and acknowledge the impact they've had on others, the less likely we get in a fix or turn into raging monsters for no real reason. "I'm sorry", genuinely meant and said is one of the most powerful words we can use. the secret is to turn the unconscious into the conscious. Not one of us is perfect and time to time we all trip ourselves up, apologise get back on track and keep trying to breath slow and communicate consciously.


  • Always Speak the truth, and let honesty guide the words. 
  • Keep your promises.
  • Pray from the heart.
  • If you can't say something encouraging or nice, don't bother saying anything.
  • Give praise rather than detraction. 
  • Honour silence. 

Peter Carvello,

April 2024.