The Breath of life

Every single day we take approximately 20,000 breaths. Our lungs are always working for us all through the day and night, breathing in our surrounding atmosphere and extracting the beneficial gasses for our survival.


Its a good thing to look after them and keep them in fine working order, here's a few beneficial tips to help:

  •    When preparing a meal in the kitchen try to reduce frying foods, harmful particles are released into the air when cooking oils are heated up hot enough to temperatures able to fry food. Exposure to these particles can increase the chance of lung problems and cancer. Try to keep the kitchen well ventilated especially when frying foods.
  •    Try to stop smoking, not only will your lungs be more healthy but so will the wallet!. If smoking has become a daily deep addiction,  try to reduce it by seeing how far you can get into the day without a puff. Go for lots of fresh pressed fruit juice instead and feel the true joy of life.
  •    Eating foods rich in vitamin C helps your lungs effectively transport oxygen throughout the body. Oranges, lemons and grapefruits, vegetable and tomato juice, strawberrys, broccoli and melon are all a great help. Berries are also the richest antioxident fruits. These antioxidents protect the lungs from cancer and infection.
  •    Ginger and Turmeric are two spices which are greatly beneficial for the lungs, and also large amounts of turmeric are known to rid the body of dangerous cancer cells.
  •    Go for foods high in Magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that is great for curing asthma. It can increase lung capacity and build on the efficiency of the respiratory process, a good way to increase magnesium in the diet is to simply eat more seeds, nuts and beans.
  •    A fine health remedy for our body is good quality water, more water in the diet is great for our whole metabolism, and keeps our lungs hydrated and ready to flush out any unwanted toxins.
  •    Exercise more, jogging, bike riding, swimming all helps keeping the lungs happy and active, and in great working shape


Hit the link below for easy but powerful life enhancing breathing exercises