The Vine

Grapes have a transformative energy, to ferment into wine.


Probably the most known ancient culture to honour wine is that of the Greek Dionysus. Dionysus was one of the more recent Dieties in the Olympian myths, but he was very popular, probably due to his type of celebrations.


Dionysus was fathered by Zeus which proved quite troublesome. The wife of Zeus was not at all pleased with this.


Dionysus's mother, Semele caused Hera great jealousy. After some time a dispute between Hera & Zeus caused Semele's death by a thunderbolt of Zeus.


The yet unborn Dionysus was rescued by Zeus and taken by his father and hidden within Zeus' thigh until time for his birth. Being twice born became part of the Legend.


For some time Zeus dressed Dionysus like a girl and had him cared for by Amanthus & Ino. Hera was not to be tricked and drove the foster parents mad, eventually destroying there lives. Zeus again rescued Dionysus and the child was raised by the nymphs of Mount Nysa.


When Dionysus was growing up around the mountain, he led a great life meeting with many dieties and travelling to many lands.


during his life he acquires the women known as Bacchantes as his followers along with the Satyrs and the God Priapus.


Best of all Dionysus is known for his love of the vine and wine.


Wine has many different ritual uses, often drunk from the ritual cup or goblet.


Wine was also known as a carrier of magical properties. The herbs collected for the ritual were added to the wine in the morning then left to infuse for the evenings ritual.


Grapes represented fruitation, fertility and success. Those who had a healthy harvest were practically guaranteed to be prosperous. Many ancient Greek Paintings on Ceramic displayed grapes upon tables in many scenes.


The leaves of the grape vine are often used in Mediterranean cooking, dolmades (Stuffed Vine leaves) is perhaps the most popular dish, slightly different tastes with different available herbs in different areas of Greece.


The health benefits of Grapes:

  • Grapes prevent many types of Cancer including lung, mouth, prostate, colon and endometrial.
  • The fibre & potassium in grapes supports a good healthy heart. Those who eat a daily portion of grapes have a 49% lower risk of death through heart disease.
  • Grapes lower high blood pressure by the potassium content lowering the sodium content in the body.
  • Grapes contain fibre which is essential for minimising constipation.
  • Grapes alleviate symptoms of allergies including runny nose, watery eyes.
  • Consumer 3 portions of grapes per week lowers the risk of Diabetes by 7%

Its wiser to purchase organic grapes to ensure no risk of pesticide exposure. Add them to musli, for breakfast, chop them up and add them to yogurt or eat them raw.


By integrating more portions of grapes in our diet were adding vitality to our life and years to our lives.

Peter C.

February 2024