Spiritual Protection


The Power of Thought 

Our Imagination is a very powerful medium, thought forms are the beginning of everything, thought forms create positively but they can also destroy. Thought, therefore is a potent tool in our inner armoury. Whatever we believe in, that belief somehow manifests itself into existence in some way or form.


To believe in ourself is our strongest protection, it's best to train and strengthen the mind and our own thoughts as much as possible throughout the day, and be careful of some religious and spiritual systems which can be spiritually rigid or top heavy, indoctrinating us with a path, which isn't truly our own, and can hold back our spiritual growth until we eventually break free of it.


Actions and attitudes causing psychic disruption

  • Stepping over boundaries without invitation.
  • Refusing to change.
  • Being careless of words, deeds and intentions.
  • Having our own way no matter what.
  • Being a do-gooder with meddling intentions that fracture boundaries.
  • Being inactive or passive when we should be active.
  •  Curses (conscious or unconscious), can also bring disruption. Every thought, word and action has a subtle energy body. Thought energy can heal but it can also attack and in some cases cause serious damage. Example:  A good thought or a prayer can heal, an unhealthy thought for ourselves or for others produces a negative subtle energy. Thought forms travel on a level that can't be seen, but they exist just like the radio signals from mobile phones and television sets. 

Regarding: Negative vibes and strange emotions from the outside..

  • Cross arms and legs.
  • Hold up a shield or mirror (imaginary or visualised).
  • Focus your thoughts on something happy.
  • Laughter and singing to change the frequency.
  • Pay attention to breathing. Taking long slow deep breaths.
  • Ground and centre, rather than following the confusion in challenging life situations/communications.
  • Carry a bag with some Sage Salvia officials.
  • Wear an amulet, any amulet can be charged up by leaving it in the full moon, or leaving it for some days in the forest.
  • Drink a large glass of good quality water, or freshly pressed fruit juice.

By Learning to focus our thoughts and to programme them to be positive rather than negative, we can create a powerful inner protection. The reverse process is used by those who attack.


They focus consciously or unconsciously, their resentment, their fear, their hate towards the victim, then if no protection is in place the negative energy slams into the mindfield of the victim.


In most cases of psychic attack, the attacker can't keep up a barrage of hatred for long, what tends to happen is love always overturns hate after a certain amount of time, bringing the attacker to get tired of his ill feeling, or turn his attention to something or someone else.


& the one who carried out the attack?

Well its common knowledge`what goes around comes around´in the east its known as `karma´, in English its known as `cause and effect´

some would also say `do unto others as you would have them do unto you´.


In my experience of feeling thought forms, the attacker ends up attracting more and more negative vibes, goes through power loss and spirit loss and ends up in a confused mess.


Psychic Disturbance

Psychic disturbance seems to be something we cause.

look at the following list of actions and intentions that can cause such disruption..

  • Being careless with words and deeds.
  • Believing in our own way no matter what.
  • Only seeing one side of the argument.
  • Neglecting our physical space.
  • Stepping over boundaries without invitation.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Skipping from one spiritual path or workshop to the next (Aim for spiritual quality not quantity).


If one feels any sort of Psychic Disturbance from the outer world affecting our feeling, go for a defence strategy:

  • Get adequate rest and take up some physical exercise.. jogging, swimming, cycling, rowing, badminton, dancing.
  •  Don't just snack through the day, eat a balanced nutritious diet.
  • Try to remain grounded.
  • Take a walk out in the countryside.
  • Put aside any spiritual or metaphysical practices, which are not necessary.
  • Challenge and question spiritual paths rather than blindly accept.
  • Avoid high volume music. Sheer volume acts as a drug, triggering our power centres in devolved/unhealthy ways, more on this subject next month.

Problems with the neighbours

Neighbourly disputes can last for a full lifetime bordering on all out war!. It can also be played out behind a nice smile which can make things all the more tiresome.


These disputes can in some cases become so stressful that people can fall ill or mentally fall apart!. Perhaps the best way to deal with any strangeness from those next door is to go straight to them and make oneself known.


Get a sense of who you're living next to, and avoid keeping score and getting even as this only makes matters worse!. If ones boundaries are crossed try writing a friendly note, or organise a gathering make some tea and talk through the differences.


Psychic protection and children

Things have changed very much in the last 30 years. Children are seeing the difficulties of the world from a younger and younger age be it through the tv, newspapers or the internet.


So the childhood innocence and play of not so long ago is only found in very young children as the pressure of the material world, sadly beckons them to early maturity. It's impossible to 100% protect someone else, but there are some things we can do to offer some protection.


Up until the age of five, children are still naturally in touch with other levels of being. They are also connected with all that goes on around them, absorbing like a sponge the thoughts, feelings and emotions of adults, also with the very young ones, if they see there mother or father stressed or in a negative mind, they can think they are responsible. Its best that when around very young ones to keep in a joyful, positive mind.


Listening to a child who recalls a spiritual experience or a dream should be done with love, encouragement and respect. Suppressing this creative channel or dis-believing the child can lead to nightmares, insecurity and a colourless world.


play creatively with the kids as much as you can. Play time is the most informative teacher, thus developing imagination and working out problems. Also remember a little blessing, such as a kiss or gentle hand on the shoulder, or a hug when children are being left at nursery or school.


We can also boost a childs protection through prayer and positive visualisation, such as, visualising bright light around the child, or make a meditation and imagine the child fit and healthy. 


The Healthy Mind

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body, in todays world this is often ignored due to profit.


Cleaning and strengthening  the mind involves reducing the time spent on the internet or watching the television. Try  Reduce on-line time to under 2 hours per day. Go for nice books instead of modern entertainment, and avoid degregrading and unhealthy imagery.


What we look at, and feed into the mind, greatly affects our physical health, well-being and success. It's all about being true and caring to our mind and build a positive wise, creative imagination.


The mind is just like a physical a muscle, it's good to train and strenthen it. It's life enhancing great work that brings success and good feelings throughout the day.


Spiritual Defence

  • Simplify your business.    
  • Downsize the work load.
  • Create a sanctuary of peace in the home/garden/workplace.
  • Keep close to supportive friends.      
  • Avoid the company of influences and people that escalate psychic disturbance.
  • Psychic disturbance in our life is usually a wake up call to live simply more in tune and connected with yourself and nature and not to be tuned to the frequency of another. 
  • Positive Thinking!

Peter Carvello,

March 2024.