The wonderful bright yellow Dandelions already starting to grow, are an edible plant, packed full of vitamins and minerals.


Legend says that the ancient healers of Atlantis used the dandelion as a healthy food and medicine. They introduced the plant across the ocean to America. The Atlantean healers used all parts of the dandelion plant, even the roots which they ground into a coffee drink.


The name dandelion comes from the the french dent-de-lion (lions teeth), referring to the jagged points on the leaves which look like sharp teeth.

Usage and Preparation:

its best to harvest the dandelion leaves before the flowers have formed, the younger leaves are completely delicious.


Avoid taking the leaves after the flowers have formed as the leaves then taste to sharp. 


To prepare dandelion leaves as a meal wash them well, then let them boil for 5 minutes in the pan, sprinkle with salt, pepper, olive oil and a good vinegar.


They can also thrown into curries or sugo for Pasta, if the taste is too pungent, smooth out the taste by adding young spinach leaves or cabbage leaves.


They also make a great wild salad when mixed in a bowl with young linden tree leaves, young hawthorn leaves & rocket salad sprinkled with herbs, olive oil and goats cheese on top.



  • Packed full with vitamin A and vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Great for skin condition
  • Keeps the eyes healthy
  • Great for the teeth and bones

Peter Carvello.

February 2024