Earth Healing Ideas

  •  Try not to become to reliant on central heating and gas heating.  putting the heating on drys out the air, which can cause negative health, including dry unhealthy skin, respiratory problems, colds and migraine. Opt for a nice warm jacket and a big pot of herbal tea, and eat lots go for lots of fruit with high vitamin C content.
  • Another option is installing a wood burning stove and go for self collections in the local forest.  The heating bills will be reduced as well as tolerance to winter colds and viruses.
  • Insulate the doors and windows. Use an old woollen blanket, or some cushions to stop the draught at the bottom of the door. Invest in window insulation tape from the local home improvement store or even hang up thick curtains behind draughty doors.
  • In the Kitchen: Fill the kettle for only as much water is needed. Invest in a small pizza/toastie oven, no need to fire up the large oven all the time.
  • Dont waste energy on lights, if your not in a room keep the lights off.
  • Get involved in tree planting programs, or start your own tree planting campaign.
  • Try to avoid driving a vehicle if possible, only strive to drive only if its neccessary.
  • Re use household items , Jam jars, bottles, tins, scrap paper for shopping lists etc, half plastic bottles into plant pots, fast food containers, envelopes.

Peter Carvello,

April 2024