Breathing Peace Exercises

Our breath is the primary sign of vibrance and vitality. Worries, fear and panic directly affect and disrupt our breathing rhythm, so If we learn to breathe deep and fine in ordinary, peaceful times, the more we are able to manage our times of fear better.


The deeper and slower we breathe, the more stable and connected we will be, the quicker and more shallow we breathe the more tension and stress we feel.


Breathing and brain wave frequencies

Our normal breathing pattern which is usually present in active attention, but also present in states of tension, anxiety and stress is the the Beta brainwave frequency over 13Hz. This basic breathing pattern limits us, and makes us feel heavy and dispirited.


We all normally breathe to this pattered: inhale 1/2 - 1,  hold in 0,  exhale 1/2 - 1, hold out 0.


To energise and detox ourself, breathe out, exhale all that is stale and fearful and breathe in the radiant vitality of the universe and feel revitalisation.


Experience all the in-breaths as coming from the source of life and exhale all fear, stress and panic on the out-breaths. Practice this in any spare time throughout the day and deepen it by imagining our breath from coming in and out of every pore in our body.


Happy Helpful Breathing Practices

The following simple but very effective breathing exercises all have a fourfold pattern of holding the breath in and holding the breath out.


the exercises shouldn't be strained, be sure that your torso is upright and stable so that your diaphragm is able to control the lungs.


Keep the shoulders low and don't strain with the throat or neck.


Focus on the source of your breathing, that its coming from the deep abdomen rather than from our upper chest.


Practice these following four breathing patterns:


  • Breath of Well Being.  This regulates pain and gets control of panic, corresponding to Alpha brainwave frequencies 8 -13 Hz, bringing relaxation, well being, alertness and balance: Inhale 8, hold-in 8,  exhale 8, hold-out 4.
  • Breath of Positivity.  Helps you trusting your own perceptions and transforms doubts and despair into positive happy energy. It mixes Alpha and Theta brainwaves of frequencies 6 - 10 Hz: Inhale 4, hold-in 8, exhale 8, hold out 4.
  • Breath of Creativity.  This pattern helps you connect powerfully with creativity, intuition and spiritual energy and other beings. Corresponding to Theta brainwaves 4-8Hz:  Inhale 4, hold-in 8, exhale 16, hold out 4.
  • Breath for Fine Sleep. brings quiet sleep and fine dreams, corresponding with Delta brainwaves below 4Hz:  Inhale 4, hold - in 8, Exhale 32, hold out 4.

Its helpful during these powerful exercises to imagine breathing in through all the pores of the skin. If there's any pain in the body, visualise breathing into that part of the body.


It's also beneficial to try and sing or sigh a simple quiet tone on the out breaths.


Try to think about the breath throughout the day, to re-energise through the day simply breathe more deeply and remember conscious breathing is our best defence against worries, stress and tension.


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