From Little Acorns

Tree Propagation Guide


  • Organic potting compost or good free draining earth from the garden
  • A few large deep plant pots
  • A handful of freshly collected acorns. The best time to collect acorns is just when they have fallen off the tree onto the ground, October - November.



  • Sift through the compost removing any pieces of wood and stones, until its turned to a good tilth
  • The acorns are ready to plant when they are plump, and the cap removes easily. Select the best acorns make sure they are rot free and don't have any insect bore holes. Don't let the acorns dry out before planting. So after collection its best to plant them as soon as possible.


  • After germination the acorns produce a tap root driving vertical down, so the depth of the pot is very important.
  •  Acorns should be planted on there side, at a depth of approximately one and a half times as deep as the acorn, about 2cm deep.
  • Keep the compost moist and keep the pots from freezing temperatures.
  • Don't allow the tap root to grow out the bottom of the pot into the earth below, this will severely harm the young plant.
  • If possible the seedlings should be transplanted as soon as the first leaves open and become firm, before extensive root development.
  • Care is needed when removing the young oak tree with its root ball from the pot, and think carefully about the planting position, keeping in mind we would like our happy new young oak tree to have a long healthy life.
  • Dig a hole twice the size as the root ball and fill it with some organic compost to give the young oak a good start. Set the young oak at the correct ground level, firmly but without to much pressure, pressing down the soil and compost around. Give the new tree a good drink of water and let mother nature do the rest.

Peter Carvello,

April 2024.