the door without a key

Our dreams give us the spiritual advice and information about what's happening on the other side of reality. When we drift to sleep every night parts of our soul take flight gathering information and bringing us messages.


Many cultures and spiritual traditions around the world, speak or read protective prayers for the soul before sleeping, enabling the souls helpers to accompany the soul through the night.


Blessings / prayers before sleeping are always helpful especially for children, providing soul protection while the soul journeys away from the body.


During sleep we can be of witness or a part of different types of dreams, the three differing types are as follows;


Vital soul dreams usually include flying, travelling, sexual union but can also be as normal as our daily routine where we are digesting and processing the last days events.


Personal soul dreams can include emotionally satisfying dreams, dreams of love and dreams where our deep longings and desires are fulfilled


Wisdom soul dreams are the impressive ones also known as 'big dreams', these are usually very clear and can be prophetic, otherworldly, informative and very interesting.


Dreams often give us the first signs of a disturbing or traumatic event on our life path in the upcoming days, weeks or months.  These warnings through the dreams can be very useful, its our souls way of trying to tell us energy is trapped, something is disturbed or there's an intrusion going on.


Dreams usually communicate with us in metaphor and riddle, but periodically they can have the essence and architure of a real location.


To decipher and understand a dream, its usually best to work from your own symbology and interpretation and not from the new age dream meaning dictionary.


Make use of a dream diary

If you wish to use your dreams for prophetic, divinatory or healing purposes it's best to keep a dream diary.


Using a dream diary strengthens our dream vision and makes them clearer, dreams can then be used as a wonderful positive experience for prophecy or working through a life situation.


As dreams usually dissipate and become less vivid upon waking its's best to write them down or any parts you can can remember as soon as you wake up.


Dream experiences can often seem surreal, compelling or strange with totally impossible things thrown in like flying, breathing under water or not being able to walk or run fast enough.


Some dream sequences are remarkable and similar to shamanic journeying and we can interpret them by the same formulae.


The symbols, metaphors and landscape in dreams are a rich source of spiritual soul food for us to process and digest. 


When these symbols and metaphors become spoken about with an intellectual scientific or dream deciphering book, the essence of those dreams seems to become dampened; intellectual comprehension of dreams diminishes the depth and truth of our own souls comprehension.


So make an effort of writing them down and see what happens!.


Achieving healing restful sleep

  • Offload and release negative energy and stress before going to bed.
  • Bless yourself with a prayer for protection before going to sleep.
  • Lavender oil is the most effective oil for fine restful sleep, a few drops on the pillow or in a diffuser works great.
  • Relax for at least 30 minutes before bed. Reading, listening to calm soothing music or relaxation stretching can be helpful.
  • Use the breathing exercise for fine sleep, corresponding with Delta brainwaves below 4Hz:  Inhale 4, hold - in 8, Exhale 32, hold out 4. this brings quiet sleep and fine dreams.  


Taking control of nightmares

Nightmares, those disturbing dreams that shake us out of deep sleep can be caused be multiple things; alcohol, medication, sleep deprivation, depression and drugs. 


Reoccurring nightmares can be vital energy sapping leading to insomnia and making you vulnerable and depressed. Here's some advice for nightmare free nights...


  • Feel where your vital power or soul is at risk in the nightmares and in your regular life.
  • Ensure you close down properly after any spiritual work.
  • Become friends with your spiritual advocates and don't consult or tap energy from random spirits.
  • Become a fine housekeeper of your own soul and banish any spiritual disorder.
  • Ensure your spiritual practice is in co operation with the universe and not manipulating it.
  • Be careful and responsible with who or what you invite into your physical, emotional and spiritual space.
  • Inhabit your body, soul and mind with conscious positive energy.
  • If you have encountered people, places or situations where you feel negative or polluted after re-align yourself with all that is whole and sacred in the universe and feel the connective power that runs straight through your body from the heights to the depths and call upon your own guardians, angels or spiritual protectors.
  • Make regular meditation and prayer, especially before going to bed.
  • Maintain good positive spiritual hygiene, within yourself and in your own home.

Peter Carvello,

June 2024.