Silver Birch

lady of the woods

Alligned to both the Sun and Venus, birch is known by druids and mystics as the ‘Lady of the woods’.


Its always been an important spiritual tree and it's the preferred word to the Goddess of the woodlands.


its associated with light, new beginnings, love and fertility and is a tree of enchantment with the power to protect against evil spirits and negative energy.


A circular grove of birch trees is one of the most powerful areas in mature and ancient woodlands. 


Peeling off the bark of a living birch tree is forbidden in the folklore of many cultures, as its said to anger the lady of the woods. The wood itself can be used in many ways, carved into an amulet, simple twigs on the shrine or a small branch broken off by the wind , provides us with essential protection against negative vibes and unnecessary feelings.


Remember to collect the wood wisely and within natural earth law,  its a very potent magical wood.

Birch Information

  • Bark of the birch can be white, grey, yellow, silver or black in color. Young trees have smooth bark. Deep ridges on the bark are characteristic for the older plants.
  • Individual flowers are arranged in long clusters known as catkins. They hang from the branches during the summer. 
  • Seeds and bark of the birch are source of food for rabbits, deer and birds.
  • Wood of birch tree is highly flammable. It can catch a fire even when it is wet. 
  • Leaves of birch are used in the preparation of tea in Scandinavia.
  • Birch sap is used in the manufacture of wine and beer in the northern Europe, Russia and China. It can also serve as a substitute for sugar. Birch syrup, made of birch sap, is used like a dressing for the pancakes.
  • The birch tree can live from 30 to 200 years, depending on the species and quality of the surrounding environment.

Peter Carvello,

March 2024.