part 2                    


If we look around at todays new age/esoteric/alternative scene, its not difficult to come to the conclusion that almost all the scene places most emphasis on rising towards light, the higher realms, the higher consciousness etc, and leaving things of earth and darkness behind!


A few months ago we examined the subject of higher and lower in detail, so theres no need to go over it all again this month, although its worth pointing out that because of the influence of politicised christianity the last hundreds of years may have led us into a collective fear.. that all that is down or dark is unholy.


Which then brings us to the deep rift.. the tragic separation of humans from the sacred land! from the gold beneath our feet. Of course for hundreds of years, priest training colleges have been doing their level best to train the young priests to keep the doors closed to all that is down or within, why??  the commercial powers that be, don't want people entering the otherworld, and gaining otherworldly power, the burning of the witches was just one chapter of trying to keep the doors closed and cutting off our true vital source. For centuries the otherworld, the land beneath (call it what you will) seems always to have been receding, but it can't ever go away!  what with non belief, the make up of fantasy which we will look at shortly, as well as the bargain sellout remodelled eastern teachings, our true deep european lore has taken some pushing, but its gone nowhere..  its still here all powerful and waiting for the folk of this land our own land to come back home, until that happens we will sure see more workshop hopping, glitzed up fitness yoga, and lots of people ooh-ing and aah-ing at wonderful stones without ever knowing the stones real power!


If only some of us were to put aside our top heavy lightness or higher escapism and try to look at what benefits others, or what others can become, instead of what I can gain, what I have (financially or egocentrically) from my course/workshop, we may start moving closer to deeper wisdom.


Unfortunately at this time of writing there seems to be a huge mainstream, already failed, new age movement, that has little or no real depth, leaning towards profit or fitness or both, all forgetting the most two most powerful spiritual tools of all....   the mind, the deep love and the imagination!


Part 1 of Wake up, last month looked at some shallow topics, this month we dive in the deep end and try to unravel the mystery of Angels and Faeries, not an easy topic considering the religious conditioning most have gone through.


The Ancient Faerie Path

There is much innocent ignorance regarding faeries. Many people in Europe mistake the little Walt Disney tinker bell for what faeries really are. This is due partly to a lack of credible knowledge and the warm feeling of escapism the little commercial fairies bring.

(I use the word `faerie´ because of its deeper meaning, than the relatively newly coined word `fairy´ which represents the post Victorian age little winged fantasy fairy)


What are Faeries?

Faeries are living spiritual beings, one step away from us, one change of awareness, very near but because of our ignorance; very far. Out of the vast range of spiritual beings described in religion, magic, and folklore, faeries are the closest to us humans.


Fantasy images, statues and ornaments, paintings and prints of little winged faeries tending to be from the last 200 years are not and never have been part of our ancient european faery tradition. Many people these days can claim to be in contact with these little fantasy beings but to the seers, seeresses, druids and sorcerers of our own Celtic heritage past and present these little winged fantasy types were rarely encountered. 



How did powerful otherworldly allies become little fairies

The appearance of the little fairies is taken for granted by modern spiritual/alternative people who haven't looked deeper and worked with any enduring faerie tradition. The little fairy is a recent Victorian age remold. It is the reducing and trivialisation of a living tradition that involved powerful and terrifying encounters with beings of human size or greater.


This all began long ago with the propaganda of state religion, in which the older dieties were labelled either evil or no longer valid. This theme fed through to folklore particularly when country folk (pagans) were describing the faery beings to churchmen or the upper classes.


There is a ancient negative trend found as far back as classical Greece, that the most powerful otherworld beings are intentionally trivialised, even mocked, so something that had a great power was shrunk and twisted and the outcome is the modern day little fairy with wings, nothing at all do to with our ancient faerie lore.


The little cosy fairy also finds its way into partly serious spiritual establishments such as Findhorn community in Scotland, and the thousands of new age shops all over Europe  which make profit and a mockery of the true ancient faery tradition.


Faeries are a spiritual race of several classes or types of faery being, living in a place close to us, known as the faery realm. The faerie realm can be entered and worked with in an orderly way. The faery beings can be of a chameleon nature adapting to our mind and what we are ready for. They gradually reveal themselves to us through our dreams, visions and creativity for a beneficial conscious planetary understanding.


Our upcoming intuitive retreat offers a chance to learn basic aligning exercises and techniques necessary for entering and communication within the faery realm. The retreat is a great source of inspiration and creativity which brings a deeper love and transformation, feel welcome.






What about the Angels..

The Judaic and Christian tradition as well as their close relative Islamic tradition, all describe angels on detail, and they aren't anything like  the little one sitting on top of the Christmas tree.


Of all the sources the most detailed are probably Kabbalistic, in Kabbalah the esoteric mystical and magical arts of the Semitic traditions are found. Kabbalah also permeates Northern Europe via Greek, Celtic and Norse traditions.


We have both orthodox and unorthodox descriptions of angels to draw upon.


here is an great example of angelic lore from the old testament.. The vision of Ezekiel..

And I looked and behold , four wheels beside the cherubim, one wheel beside one cherub, and another wheel beside another cherub, and the appearance of the wheels was the colour of  a beryl stone, and as for their appearance they had one likeness, as if a wheel had been within a wheel. When they went they went upon their four sides , they turned not as they went, but to the place whither the head looked  they followed it, they turned not as they went, and their whole body, and their backs, and their hands and their wings and the wheels, were full of eyes round about, even the wheels that they four had, as for the wheels they were called in my hearing, the whirling wheels, and every one had four faces, the first face was the face of a cherub, the second was the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle, and the cherubim mounted up: this is the living creature that I saw by the river Chebar.(Ezekiel 10,9-15).


The Cherubim (plural of cherub) are not them little pondering beings of sentiment, but beings of great power and multiple form!.


In Kabbalistic mysticism, the appearances of other angels are also shocking and horrendous: Seraphim as fiery serpents with many eyes and flaming swords, Ophanim as wheels rimmed with eyes, Aishim as shimmering lights between birth and death, Malakim as flaming lines of light uttered by the Sun.. etc etc.


In fact angels in all middle eastern traditions such as christianity, are messengers or annunciators of the word, the power of Divinity.

Furthermore angels are intimately part of the solar system, linked to the traditional planets of Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and the Moon. They are beings which embody the consciousness of the Solar Logus the living being which is physically present as the Sun, and which has its planetary bodies, that define its powers, phases and spheres of energy.


So there are angels of planet Earth (Cherubim), the Moon (Aishiim), Mercury (Bene-elohim), Venus (Elohim), the Sun (Malakim), Mars (Seraphim), Jupiter (Chasmal), Saturn (Aralim), Neptune or the Zodiac (Ophanim), and the primal Being (Chioth ha Kaddesh, the Holy Living Creatures).


Each order of angels is associated with an Archangel, which could be more simply stated as- the totality of angels of that planet all together is the Archangel.


In mystical traditions, and with anyone who has ever really felt the strength of angelic energy, encounters with angels are difficult, they are often terrifying in power and appearance, usually having both a cosmological and metaphysical nature.


In the last years angels have been recast in a false new age mould, they have become sweet, white robed beings who pull us out of difficulties or encourage us with religious vocations, These days angel are said to guard our property, to protect us on the way to spar, to look after the christmas tree & to heal us in all circumstances. None of this has any relation to what angels are described as doing, or being in the Judaic or Islamic traditions, including Christianity and its variants.


Since the Christian orthodox churches started to play down the role of angels, their true nature has been forgotten, nobody these days bothers to read those complex visions in the Bible.


So that brings us to a similar conclusion to that of faeries..

Angels have been trivialised and the true vision has been blurred.


We could say...


Angels are over worldly divine beings, that embody the mind and energy of the Sun which is itself a star.


Faeries are otherworld or underworld beings and powers, that embody the mind and energy of stellar life inherent within all living matter.