Tips for a positive life


The warmth in the sun and the minutes of daylight are finally becoming noticeable again. The natural world is just about to burst into life, the trees are already showing buds, the birds are singing and the first spring plants are already pushing through their beauty, feel it all, deeply with true heart and soul and feel great, such a wonderful, enchanting earth. Here's some life enhancing tips to brighten the days even more...


  •  Keep calm and breathe good. If someone takes a dislike to you out of their unconsciousness, or speaks cruel insensitive words, we may feel our blood pressure begin to rise. Sometimes we can all feel a little agitated by other peoples actions... but always turn the other cheek, keep good and realise its not their true self only their unconsciousness or better to say... lack of consciousness, If someone acts provokingly, don't retaliate, its not always easy, but remember, all clouds pass sooner or later.  
  • In life many people place much emphasis on how other people view us. Never let what another person thinks about you affect you and what you believe in or the type of individual you are. No matter what anybody says its totally insignificant, stay whole be good and follow your own way.
  •  Its time to spring clean again, open all the windows, welcome the air, clean the house energy for the coming seasons, work through the clutter, re-organise the furniture, make a quiet corner to retreat and recharge and feel the new fresh Spring energy flowing into life.
  • Welcome and feel the moment, feeling imbalanced and down, regretting the past, worrying about the future?                                                      a simple practical way to achieve a more positive outlook is to spend a little more time focusing on the present...                                              Sit down, preferably somewhere peaceful, listen and regulate the breathing pattern, 5 seconds in, hold for 5 and 5 seconds out.                         Feel the air, breathe in and out, calm and smooth, try it for 5 to 10 minutes and feel great.
  • Plant herbs, flowers and vegetables for the summer and autumn.
  • Learn a Musical Instrument, learning a musical instrument brings joy, reduces stress and fatigue and gives a feeling of success to the player and others around. Learning to play a musical instrument also enhances coordination, sharpens concentration, improves hearing and creates positive discipline.  
  • Take time outdoors, especially when the spring sun is shining, sitting inside feeling bogged down is no good for no-one. Go for a walk in the fresh air, it changes the mood instantly, and try to find a routine each day of a few hours outside, walking, meditating and feeling the nature.
  • Be aware and be careful of time online, and the addiction it can create, there is no need to stop it altogether, just use it lightly and only when needed, invest your free time into music, creativity, time outdoors and feel whole with a healthy powerful rightful imagination.