Give us seed, so that we may live

Genesis 47:19

Importance of winter bird feeding


The deep cold winter is almost here (for us here in the north anyway) and now is the time to hang up the feeders, stock up the bird tables and put out fresh water on a regular basis. Bird feeding can give us lots of pleasure, especially if we can attract the birds to an area where we can see them at close range and doing a bit for the birds will certainly save many from an early grave.


In the approaching cold weather especially in December and January birds face many survival problems, The ground becomes ice and hard, making it impossible for the birds to collect insects and worms. The daylight hours are also very short now limiting the available hours needed to find food.


Raisins and sultanas, sunflower seeds, whole grains, linseed, millet, hemp, ground peanuts and walnuts. Apples, pears and other soft fruits are very healthy and necessary, providing a great vitamin boost for blackbirds and thrushes. Small diced cubes of cheese and peanut butter are also a great supplement for many garden birds.


Once we start feeding the birds its important that we should continue. if we suddenly stop feeding, our happy band of birds that come to rely on us will suffer greatly. 


A grand spectacle in winter is definitely a garden or forest active and interesting with many different species of birds. Enjoy it and keep the close connection with the nature even in the approaching deep winter.