Ötscher 1893m

Ötscher and The Ötschergräben

In the beautiful country of Austria on the border of Styria and Lower Austria there is an isolated, interesting mountain called Ötscher, surrounded by two huge ravines known as Hintere Tormauer and The Ötschergräben.


These amazing seemingly never ending ravines are known as the The Grand Canyon of Austria, but to be fair, it's far more beautiful than The Grand Canyon, and hosts a much larger variety of natural life.


Around the mountain and the deep ravines, incredible rock galleries, heavenly waterfalls and deep forests set the scene for a wonderful experience.


Over thousands and thousands of years, the waters of Ötscherbach stream and Erlauf stream formed this impressive ravine landscape on the south side of the Ötscher.


There hosts an incredible variation of natural life, along labyrinths of winding paths and footbridges,  skirting the turquoise and crystal flowing mountain rivers.


Hintere Tormauer and The Ötschergräben

There are actually two unique ravines around the mountain are called Hintere Tormauer and The Ötschergräben, with many smaller ravines branching out from these huge gorges.

The Tracks and Trails:

Walking in the area is easy to moderate, and the paths are well marked. Some of the paths wind through ancient forests, while other paths curve precariously close to sheer cliffs. The well cut pathways are some of europes finest hiking paths, that endlessly follow the rivers deep in the Ravines.

Ötscher Pictures

So if you live or visit Austria, Include a visit or a camping trip to this wonderful, unique area for an unforgettable nature experience.

May 2024,

Peter Carvello.