Winter Life Tips


As deep winter sets in its the right time to rest, and stay more time indoors next to the fire. With the lack of sunlight and our bodies coming to terms with the cold, our energy level and mood can dip as low as the outdoor temperature. Here's a few tips to help us meander through the toils of winter.

  • Back up your system with natural vitamin C, try making your own freshly pressed orange juice, or stock up with natural vitamin C tablets or powder from the local chemist.
  • Vitamin D is known as the sunshine Vitamin, taken daily it greatly increases our feel good factor and it also gives us strong immunity against winter colds.
  • Eat a wide wholesome variety of fruits and raw or lightly cooked vegetables on a daily basis, this will provide all the immune enhancing nutrients and fibre we need to keep us healthy this time of year.
  •  Don't forget the smooth, creamy yogurt, this wonderful food rarely gets the credit it deserves... Yogurt helps prevent osteoporosis, yogurt reduces the risk of high blood pressure and yogurt can stop inflammatory bowel disease and constipation.
  •  Eat local produce. Some nutritionists think eating locally may be even more important than eating organically. Thats because a vital factor in a foods nutrient profile is how long it took to get from the field to the table. Eat plenty of raw fruit and veg this winter time and feel great.
  •  A little exercise goes a long way, this time of year one may feel like sleeping until spring, but try to get involved in some type of physical activity each day to reduce winter fatigue.
  •  The cold winter can activate our sweet tooth, but try to avoid foods containing lots of sugar, sugar may give us a quick rush of energy but it also greatly weakens our immune system.                                                  
  • With the cold winter air this time of the year, one might produce a cough, and find breathing a bit wheezy.  Its time to strengthen the lungs. Eating foods rich in vitamin C helps your lungs effectively transport oxygen throughout the body. Oranges, lemons and grapefruits, vegetable and tomato juice, strawberrys, broccoli and melon are all lung strengtheners. Berries are also the richest antioxidant fruits these antioxidents protect your lungs from cancer and infection. Ginger and Turmeric are very beneficial for the lungs, also good amounts of turmeric can lead to the elimination of cancer cells.  Magnesium is a mineral that is great  for curing asthma. It can increase lung capacity and build on the efficiency of the respiratory process, a good way to absorb magnesium is through seeds, nuts and beans.


    Probably the number one health remedy for our body is water, more water in the diet is great for our whole metabolism while keeping our lungs hydrated and ready to flush out any unwanted toxins.

Peter Carvello

December 2018