Spirituality & Ecological Responsibility

Whats the future for our children and grand children? not a very bright one if we continue as we are. Climate change, mass species extinction, Habitat depletion are pushing our beautiful earth to her limits.


Its time now to wise up and change, times running out faster and faster. We not gonna get another chance.


We are running out of time every day that passes, its always more heat waves, record breaking temperatures, floods and storms destroying our earth and we all feel it. Our abuse of the planet, is putting the whole show at risk, accurate scientific estimations say that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is 1000 times the natural rate and yes believe it, its happening. its greater than anything the world has experienced since the dinosaurs were wiped out nearly 65m years ago.


Thousands of people are now dying climate-related deaths, due to heat stress, malnutrition and secondary impacts of climate change,

in ten years their will be hundreds of thousands of deaths.


At the time of writing 3 huge fires are burning in Brazil, Siberia and Greenland, these fires are so vast the smoke from these fires can be seen thousands of miles away and closer to home wildfires in Greece and Portugal have destroyed huge areas of forest in recent weeks.


Forget about all these useless government targets by 2050, they are nothing short of a deflection game to have us believe topping up our cars with petrol and switching on the air conditioning are fine. 


So are there Solutions?

Yes, there is, simply become ecologically responsible.


*Eat less meat or if you haven't already, just cut the meat out the diet completely.

*Get rid of the car, or look to car sharing programs, Get on yer bike or take the train instead. its much more healthy for yourself and the environment.

*Reduce your air miles. Taking flights even if it is for spiritual purposes is downright ignorant to spirit and a violation of your true earth path. 

*Get involved with tree planting projects onetreeplanted.org & trees.org are just two of many organisations committed to planting trees.


If we all decided to go for it and follow these four simple guidelines, not only would we attract a whole new creative, caring energy into our life, but things would change for the better for all species on the planet. Unfortuanately for many people spiritual or not, living in earth damaging comfort routines, a long lasting true transformation to an ecologically responsible lifestyle is to big a transformation to make


So it will be our grandchildren who point to us in 50 years time when its too late, and say, why on earth didn't you do more, you helped create this big mess and left us with it with too little time to reverse the damage. 


Our true responsibility is not, driving the flash car to work, or how much money we can make on others costs, our true responsibility is to guard and protect this beautiful earth we are on, so if you haven't already, please wake up, wise up and think about our future generations.


Peter C.