Animal Magic





     Turdus merula



Everyone knows this favourite, giving us such a wonderful music this time of year!.


Its easy to tell the male from the female, the male having an orange beak and a golden ring around the eye, and the female being more dark brown than black.


Blackbirds like to spend their time alone, they prefer there own company rather than social settings.  


Druid legends say that the birds of Rhiannan are three blackbirds which sit and sing in the world tree. Their black plumage holds the energies of magic and mysticism.


The blackbirds song is much older than the human race, it was believed that the song of the blackbird can lead humans into oneness with mother earth and trance, the blackbird singing such intricate connecting tones which are able to transport the listener to the otherworld.


Try this.. if ever you may be in the garden or park or even better.. out in the countryside and hear a blackbird singing, lay down on the grass and take a few deep slow breaths, close the eyes and take all your attention to the blackbirds song, listen very carefully! if you are lucky and the blackbird isn't a juvenile, you may notice the song speeds up as it nears the end of each line,  it speeds up to an almost inaudible level.


Blackbird can give great therapy to musicians and singers..  listening carefully over time increases ones perception, improves outer and inner hearing and helps build consciousness.


Blackbird can also be used as a totem for yoga students..  these birds can often be seen sitting around the garden.. extending their wings, soaking up the solar energy, bending legs etc.


When a blackbird flies it does so with focus, direction and motivation, they can teach us to do the same in our life!


When the blackbird flies into ones life subtle changes happen, the magic of the other world begins to surface, awareness is deepened and a positive change begins.



This little bird is such a big blessing.. The song of the blackbird as said earlier is unique, and gives us the best accompaniment  for waking up these mornings.


It is possible to hear first year blackbirds singing around the end of January but there main choral time is March to June, where they perch themselves on a high vantage point and sing the sweetest of all melodies!


Blackbirds also make a chink-chink sound as a type of alarm if a cat or a hawk is around.


If one is lucky enough and can get close enough to a blackbird it is possible to hear a blackbird singing very quiet, under its breath.. without opening its beak!