Waldviertel - Austria

In a forgotten corner of Austria, sits a plateau which is different from anywhere else in Central Europe. The area is known locally as Waldviertal which translates to `The Forest quarter´in English. Its different because it has a very ancient mystical feel which can't be found in the grand alps. One could say the area has quite a Scottish Highland feel without the lochs. Upon deeper investigation Waldviertel has many secrets and mysteries to become embroiled in. It would take many volumes to document the whole area, we keep it simple for now and concentrate upon just a few practically unknown areas.


Höllfall is an impressive low tumbling waterfall set in a pristine natural ancient forest landscape. Its an ideal spot for short hikes, relaxation and nature trails. In this romantic wilderness, the water seeks a path downstream between towering cliff faces and displaced boulders, thus forming pleasant but powerful waterfalls time and time again

Höllfall Trail


The Höllfall hiking trail begins close to the town of Pretrobruck near Arbesbach (see map below) following a path through the woods next to the Kamp River. The Kamp river itself creates a tranquil and ageless atmosphere & its a perfect place for hikers to re fresh.


The path up the waterfall is family friendly and in the months of July & August visitors can expect blueberry laden bushes, the twittering of birds and the call of Buzzards, and butterflies galore.


About a kilometre up the path, in between 2 monumental cliff faces sits a wooden footbridge, crossing the bridge to the other side to the so called Höll (Hell). Its rather puzzling why such a place should be named Hell fall, our party found the area over the bridge an absolute natural Paradise with slow flowing waters, a labyrinth of forest paths and cool pure air.


The area itself is over 800mtrs above sea level, so evenings and mornings can be quite chilly, its a must for anyone interested in nature trails, its not a challenging landscape and the hundreds of different species of plants and trees are an absolute delight.


Teufelsmauer (Devils Wall) is another area of breathtaking beauty. Many natural crevices and small caves in a relatively small area surrounded by a wonderful forest. The area has been formed over thousands of years by granite boulders precariously stacked upon one another. The small caves and grottos have been oddly named after pagan Gods, probably by the tourist industry trying to make it more appealing for visitors. Despite the odd names the area has a very deep strange atmosphere and it isn't to difficult to find small hidden natural passageways and a strong sense of atmospheric stillness. 

Getting There


The wonderful trail up to the waterfalls and along the sublime riverbanks can be located near the little village of Pretrobruck, in Arbesbach region, Waldviertel, Austria.

Getting There


Teufelsmauer can be found near the village of Altmelon, Waldviertel, Austria.

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Teufelsmauer, Waldviertel, Austria.