Don't Forget the Garden Birds

Do what you can for our winged friends and reap the rewards.

Doing a bit for garden birds is as rewarding for us as it is for them. Using bird tables/feeders we can successfully bring the birds right up close to the windows! thus transforming a living room or kitchen into a wonderful bird hide.


Of course birds will benefit more and have a much better chance of survival if they are fed during the toughest times of the year when the temperatures are plunging. It's not only seeds, nuts and kitchen scraps that they need to survive, fresh water is essential. Keep water bowls full of clean water and make sure water containers are well away from bushes or other areas where a cat could launch an attack.


Many garden birds die each year through the transmission of diseases. It's important to clean bird feeders regularly with water and allow them to dry before refilling and don't forget to wipe the inside of the water bowl from time to time to keep the fungus and moss at bay.

Best Food

Cheese, raisins and sultanas, sunflower seeds, whole grains, linseed, millet, hemp, ground peanuts and walnuts. All available in Obi, B&Q and local pet shops.

Apples, pears and other soft fruits are popular and provide a great vitamin boost for blackbirds and thrushes. Peanuts in the shell on string on shelled and in a bowl.

Its vital to feed garden birds in the deep cold winter and in the spring, it will give the new juveniles fresh out the nest a chance to survive.


In Summer Dry impenetrable land makes things tricky for blackbirds to find food, throw some scraps and cheese under the bushes! and this time of year water bowls are necessary.


In the Autumn the time birds are moulting and preparing for winter by building up body fat, so its another vital time for feeding.


So there we are, it's important to feed the birds all around the year, keep it going, and you will be sure to attract some species that are not so common. Good Luck.


Peter. C.