The Spirit of Spring

Spring Garden Tips 2018

When we increase the number and beauty of gardens...

we increase the number and beauty of heavens too!

The spirit of spring is right on the doorstep!. Try to imagine the garden as something more than a garden that is pleasing to the eyes. The garden is the place where all our daily stresses can rapidly leave and any garden can also offer us a threshold into meditation and life transforming/enhancing visualisation. 

  • While many seeds, bulbs, plants and trees are slowly waking up its a good time to do any landscaping work, laying paths or decking, re-shaping the vegetable patch, building the pavilion or even constructing or cleaning a garden pond. In little over a month the natural life in the garden will be in full swing and birds starting to nest, all the better to get the construction work out the way now.
  • Prepare the beds for direct planting or sowing by weeding, feeding/mulching and raking.
  • Set up a greenhouse or cold frame, to get things growing early, and protect plants from late frost.
  • Check the outdoor planting containers are regularly watered, particularly those sheltered by house porches.
  • Ventilate the glasshouse/conservatory on mild February days to prevent fungal and wood rot problems.
  • Consider moving or replacing damaged, overgrown or wrongly located shrubs.
  • Visit the local garden centre and stock up on plant pots, peat free compost and organic fertiliser for a good spring start.
  • Its possible to plant seeds such as Basil, Sage & Thyme NOW in pots on south or west facing windows for an early start. Full guide to planting your seeds successfully in next months earth-spirit.
  • February is a good time to prune hardy evergreen hedges and cut back the wisteria if it's getting out of control. 
  • Its the right time, and easy active meditative work to get the bulbs in for a profusion of flowers in the summer, Anemone, Gladiolis, Lillies all give great colour and give the garden deeper character.
  • February is the last chance to prune apple and pear trees for a bigger, healthier fruit yield. Pruning apple and pear trees after mid march can seriously damage the tree.
  • &  don't forget to keep the bird feeders/baths well filled.

Peter C.  Jan 2020