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    The Magic Life of    


The life of a small beautiful butterfly is probably the most remarkable life storey of any being on our wonderful earth.


The life of a butterfly doesn't simply start as a butterfly flying around. It goes through a creative metamorphosis....


           Egg ---- Caterpillar ---- Chrisalis ---- Butterfly!


This metamorphosis is a complex transformation. A caterpillar that crawls around eating greens all day eventually wakes up from a long sleep to find out he/she can fly!.


Butterflies are major agents in pollination, for trees, plants and flowers. They carry information and energy from one flower to another, many plants wouldn't be able to survive without this procedure!.


Some butterflies for example the `Painted Lady´ (pictured at the bottom of this page) flies from North Africa to Central and North Europe every year in April and May and returns to North Africa in the Autumn!, it uses the Sun for orientation.  


Sadly in Central Europe 10% of butterfly species are now on the brink of extinction, The news from Great Britain isn't much better.. already in the last 20 years 4 types of butterfly became extinct.


When we think or talk about extinction we think of panda's or tigers, (probably due to WWF and other corporate environment agencies making vast sums of money from the unquestioning public and huge media campaigns.


The fact is that the small species on our planet are just as important as the bigger species.


Of course loss of habitat, industrial farming, climate change leading to drought, flood & fire, mass tourism and humans cutting down forests at an alarming rate has already caused many beautiful species of butterfly to be become extinct.


So with the generously dished out helpings of human trauma such as the refugee episode or the economic crises in Greece, all these things human made problems cunningly tracked to keep the general publics attention stuck to human based matters and keeps the civilisation kettled in, more interested in soap operas than butterflies becoming extinct.


Solutions can be found in this months `In focus´ Page.