In the last years ten to fifteen years, I realised that a large percentage of spiritual/esoteric books, courses, teachings and these days digital posts, including the ever popular chakra system are a powerful and possibly intentional block against our own spiritual development.

These days we have a whole host of Shamans/Healer types from all over the world taking planes to european cities/countries giving a condensed/diluted version of their wisdom with a initiation ceremony or another ritual thrown in to give the customer students a feeling of their moneys worth. Very few of the teaches/Guru/Shaman consider the spirits/dieties of the land they are in, most of them would be unaware of our rich European Spiritual heritage.


Some years ago for a period of about 5 years, I learned and practiced chakra meditation on a more or less daily basis, working with sound (vowels & colours combined with certain known chakra points). Then something caught my attention, I learned that the older generation of esotericists and magicians of Britain and Europe weren't so fond of the eastern practices/teachings becoming embedded in Europe. The likes of Dion Fortune and Ronald Heaver spoke out about this but the amount of material filtering through from the east was a trend/commercial driven unstoppable torrent.


Over the years I have tried to gave my opinion of this trend to certain individuals I have met and nearly always the answer I received  was straight into their defence of the path/workshop they are doing this month it was as if their spirits felt seriously attacked by me only asking them why, and is it necessary.


Metaphysics, the world of spirit and long lasting transformation has nothing or very little to do with the commercial chakra/higher consciousness teachings. At its best its a gateway to more sustained consciousness.


In todays spiritual/alternative Europe very few of us question whats happening, people happily or more precise blindly follow the trend, the condensed packaged weekend workshop, the channeling evening, the healing cocao ceremony, not to mention the whole array of dieties from the east.


Whats the point in attending courses, workshops, evenings if one doesn't question and merely accepts all, then jumps back into the materialist life when the course is complete, no lasting transformation can come.


So many people get into the habit of jumping from one workshop to the other, blindly, and in some individual cases unknowingly chasing the next trendy packaged course (usually revamped eastern or south american teachings).

Jumping from one set of techniques or practice to another doesn't help spiritual awakening or so called enlightenment, we simply lose our power.


The Chakras.. for example are somewhat misunderstood by most people, the chakras are actually a powerful and possibly intentional block against our spiritual development. They offer a simplistic, scientific approach to spiritual development, which ends up creating a delusion of false knowledge which then in time creates the barrier to deeper consciousness and changes of subtle energy in the body.


The older generation esotericists and magicians in Britain all well knew about the barriers and false knowledge with the chakra teachings, unfortunately with the onset of commercial spirituality, the teachings of the older generation has all been swept aside and thousands follow the chakra teaching whether it be through the yoga class, the meditation session, or the guru, the paying public don't know any different.


Ok then..  What is the chakra system??

Chakras are not a pseudo-mechanistic or subtle electric circuit as seen on charts and in books, they are organs of reception and communication. The power zones of the body may include chakras  but they are not chakras themselves. So by building and following an artificial map of chakras within the body we are engaging in a false teaching or better could be called a misunderstood teaching.


The charts, diagrams relating to chakras were drawn up in the 19th century by scientists and writers trying to justify magic and mysticism.

 Spiritual truths cannot be explained by scientific models, although the material world can easily be understood through spiritual insight.


Anyone with any depth will know the chakra system is connected to the hippie culture of the late 1960´s and the resulting bliss, escape culture which is still present to the very day.


If only we were to allow interaction during our spiritual work, and not concentrating on the presumed chakras themselves, we then may come closer to the ancient yogic tradition of the internal subtle timpani (chakra or better understood as wheel) which should be felt as an organ of communication between humanity and the spiritual cosmos. A responsive organ which spirit beings can resonate and so interact with us. The awakening of these organs of subtle communication and energy was before the trend, a task for dieties and spirits. not of human egocentricity.


The chakra systems now taught these days in the west are miles away from the secretive ancient eastern teachings, they are simple/jumbled variant. The chakra system first appeared in Europe in the 19th century primarily from the Theosophical Society literature, it was then taken up by European practitioners as something easy to work with and teach.


As we start to see a bit clearer that all is not what it seems or what we have been led to believe, and think hmm, I didn't question I just went along with guru g, we can look into other main aspects of so called spirituality..


Working/healing with Stones

Working with stones falls into two categories..  one.. the curative, pure, energising power passes from the stone to subject.

and two.. imbalanced subtle forces are passed from the subject to the stone. There are permanent stones usually category one (which stay with us until death and in some cases beyond) and temporary stones usually category two (stones returned to the environment to be cleansed by natural forces).


In all worldwide aboriginal traditions stones were never mined out the earth, or given as presents (unless handed down the family line) or ever sold for money, they were usually kept secret, our ancestors knew that we don't find the stones.. the stones find us. Up until the commercial business kicked in, stones were kept wrapped in a certain cloth until used. A far cry from todays local so called healer with big crystals in the corner of the living room or on the shelf picking up dust.


There is now millions of people using what they call healing stones/crystals. Mostly the stones are hacked or even with the use of explosives, blown out the earth without care, without respect, and end up in alternative and health stores all over europe. for all the trend to follow, its totally outrageous, unnecessary and a waste of money.


The stones are in the mountain for a certain good reason, the same as our organs are in our bodies for an equally good reason.


Stones also house a memory, and hold past influence, without the technique of putting stones and crystals in a bowl of water with sea salt for 28 days (lunar cycle) outside in the natural world, the stones and crystals have energy of their past stored within.


So if one hasn't thought deeply about stones and the real power of them, it may be time to re-evaluate your soul path.

Its not only stones which could cause us more hindrance than help, but other things we take for granted to;


The mis-use of cut flowers

Ever travelled to India and seen the vast amount of cut flowers used in offerings or turned into necklaces?

Look at a conventional wedding, all those cut flowers adorning the church?

What about the loved ones, say it with flowers?


If one is to think deeper on this subject its not so difficult to come to the conclusion.....  giving or receiving cut flowers is offensive and insulting.


First of all.. the flower is the sexual organ of the plant, and another important little known fact.. a flower is the plants organ of subtle spiritual communication.


So by giving flowers we are giving the dying organs of a plant, even if the flowers are placed in water, they are still dying, and are an unnecessary mutilation of a living plant!.


Giving and receiving flowers is such an accepted integrated facet of daily life, that nobody questions, or thinks about this absurdity.


Anyone wishing for a balanced spiritual life should think deep about the use of flowers and stones. They is another way, work with life, give someone flowers growing in a pot, or a nice healthy herb plant instead of cut flowers, remember spirits draw vital sustenance from living trees, plants and flowers, not from the dying cut flowers.


Final Word..

Basically we have a responsibility on our path whether its spiritual or not, transformation cannot come if one hasn't got the real power and passion and dedication to see it done, it may all feel well and good reading what some mystic wrote about this months stars and planets effects on us, or sheepishly following the millions pretending to rise, but if we don't respect and open our eyes to whats really happening, and respect and work with the energys of the planet zone we are in no lasting transformation can happen.


A large percentage of spirituality these days tends to be fitness orientated or escapist enlightenment.


There are Druidic and ancient Greek teachings of power zones in the body and the land which which has been forgotten about in the last decades because of the imported glitzy eastern way. The teachings from our land, our zone where we are now, remain partly hidden, but they are there all ready and waiting for us to come back home.


This written script wasn't meant to cause any disturbance, it was written as another angle. It's not so easy to change any technique that has been practiced daily for some years, but sometimes... a change is as good as a rest.


Peter Carvello