Creating Sacred Space

We all need a special place for privacy and peace where we can let go, unwind and feel free.  As well as our own little comfortable space, all spiritual practices from the yoga course in the city to the wild man in the forest all have their need for sacred space. In the old days, cosmic design and earth energy places (standing stones/circles, caves, caverns, mountain tops, forest clearings, wells) decreed the area for certain sacred places for a myriad of spiritual activity. Its not necessary to look for hidden caves or take a flight to the himalaya in search of Sacredness. Sacred Space can be brought into any area in the home/garden or at work.


In Europe today what we have is a large spiritual/devotional vacuum - no daily practice, no structure, no clear connection to any spiritual path and no sacred area in our everyday living space. Then on the other hand theres thousands who are spiritually flabby or top heavy, thinking more is better, dangerously putting crystals around the room not knowing where the crystal originated, or honouring dieties from other earth zones without the slightest knowledge of our own rich heritage, of course then the feelings of isolation and disconnectedness begin to take hold.


Introducing a little vital sacred space into our homes/gardens or working environment brings in spirit, peace and balance its a very rewarding, reconnecting art. Here are some suggestions and useful information for one to get started and create.


Setting up and activating ones own sacred space is necessary for us all on our life path but some care is needed, watch out for complication and over elaborating, just keep it simple for best results. Whether it be a spare room, your bedroom, the forgotten corner of the garden that little unused cupboard or the balcony its easy to find a place to activate. Even if no balcony or garden is available, a window ledge is a great place to acknowledge the nature spirits.


When a place has been designated, spend a little time in that area, this gives the area time to get used to the person. Then as things go on one may find a particular fossil or stone in the field asking to be brought to our sacred space. Or perhaps when wandering round a market a clay bowl may be picked up which will be much more honoured by spirit than a glass or porcelain bowl. Our sacred space will do well to include and honour the four elements bringing in the structure of creation.


EARTH: can easily be brought in with the introduction of rocks, pebbles and fossils. Its also worth noting that an flint stone found on the sea shore, or the fossil found by the cliffs will have a much greater spiritual value than the new age shop crystals that are mined by the millions for profit. Some stones may also want to be taken back to the place they came from after some time. In my own experience after returning a stone or feather to the nature, something very positive happens on our life path afterwards.


WATER: can be introduced by bringing in a bowl of some kind, the water reflects the changing sky even on a window ledge, water refreshes, and energises, both us and the world of Spirit.


FIRE: can be introduced by anything as small as a candle to a holy fire pit if working outdoors. Again in my experience its better to burn pure wax or beeswax candles they are better for us and for the environment and avoid those Eastern incense sticks, wrapped in plastic and often containing chemical aroma. Go for dried garden sage or pine tree resin when smudging a room or oneself.


AIR: can be respected and encouraged in a good variety of ways.. wind chimes, feathers/shells on strings, ribbons can also be brought into the area.


How one cares for there Sacred Space shows how they think about themselves, if the area is dusty or collecting junk one may feel lacking energy or feeling tired.  By looking after and tending the sacred space the good feeling sure enough returns to us fast. Cleaning and looking after the sacred space is in itself a great work connecting meditation.


Its also a good idea to spiritually clean as well as physically clean the area at least one time a week. Use natural aromatic herbs such as Sage, Lavender or Rosemary, ring a bell or hand clap in the room corners to free any stale energy. Maybe start to talk or to prayer to the direction spirits or our preferred Guardians and always give thanks. The area may become a place where any imbalances, fear, patterns that hold us back or any issue can be talked about or contemplated over. In time with stillness communications from Spirit can be received. Give full attention to the wind, to the sunlight to the birds singing, you now have your Sacred Space Activated.


A shrine/alter could also be introduced adding an even deeper aspect to the area. If any visitors to the home are baffled or even upset by the Sacred Space, perhaps label it in a way they can understand "Oh its nothing, just an area for a little peace"usually works better than "My Earth Goddess shrine".


These sacred places are extremely beneficial for the elderly to find comfort and peace and connect to spirit as they prepare to leave their physical space.


A birth shrine containing earth, water and a candle is always very beneficial (usually forgotten or unheard of by many people) in the birth room for a place to enable guardian spirits to pass through.


Children don't need to be encouraged to create their own sacred space, for them sacredness and creativity flow naturally. All children love to collect nuts or leaves or shells for a seasonal table or make a private corner or a circle for their cuddly animals.  Children should always be encouraged to keep this creative channel open. Unfortunately a great deal of todays education system has little room for Spiritually creative paths although the last years has seen a surprising increase towards creative activate in some schools. The way we learned long ago was a harmonious, balanced, grounded way which respected Spiritual Paths and that was without the eastern philosophies and wisdom. We can all easily find that harmonising path and setting up some Sacred Space is certainly a step in the right direction.


Peter. C.