Summer 2019

Quick Garden Tips

  • Its Summer Time, and this year the shade temperature has already been around the 40 degree mark in Europe - making watering essential.  Its better to water the deeper and longer and less often, than quickly every day. Trees & shrubs like to be watered on the evening or at night, whereas vegetables, border plants, annuals & perennials should be watered early morning.
  • Deadhead flowering plants on a regular basis, the roses, carnations, petunia etc, all thrive and produce never ending blooms when the old flowers are removed regularly.
  • Keep ponds, bird baths and other water features topped up, Many animals and insects rely on the back garden water feature this time of year.
  • Start to harvest herbs for fresh culinary use and for hang drying. Harvesting will encourage them to send out fresh new leaves and keep them growing longer
  • Pot up any herbs in Pots to bigger pots with fresh earth, to keep them healthy and strong to carry us into autumn & give hanging baskets and containers an organic feed.
  • Sit back in the garden and enjoy all thats been accomplished!